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Iraq – In the Bible it’s Eden or the place of pleasure – a fertile crescent – a birthplace of language.

This is the land of Gilgamesh, Babylon — Adam and Eve. Now – Iraq has the highest infant mortality rate in the world, economic sanctions, and the unsinkable Saddam Hussein. Go back eleven years – the pre-pariah era… Baghdad was more friend than foe, more rich than poor – more regal than rogue. Ronald Reagan sold their army weapons to fight against Iran, and congressional visitors asked, “Human rights abuse? What human rights abuse?” The Gulf War broke bonds between Iraq, its neighbors and the world – Saddam went from democratic bulwark to international criminal.

But now much of the world is begging to break embargoes and re-engage Iraq. While George W. plots to overthrow Hussein – we’re looking at what makes Iraq America’s great enemy.
(Hosted by Judy Swallow)


Patrick Clawson, Director of Research, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Joe Stark, Iraq Specialist

and Dr. Ra’id Abdullah, Associate Professor of Pediatric Cardiology at Rush Medical Hospital in Chicago

Clovis Maksoud, former ambassador to the UN for the Arab League, now a Professor if International Relations at American University