The Anti-Globalization Movement

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The amorphous movement against Globalization.

Thousands of protestors are on their way to Quebec for a three-day face off with 6,000 police and a two and a half mile fence. At issue: the Free Trade Area of Americas. “NAFTA on steroids.” Pick your cause and join the fight: No sweatshops, no corporations, no brand names, no logos. Union organizers, prison-reformers, new-age feminists and punk rockers. There are Marxist and communists. Ruckus raisers and Greens. End world poverty, hunger, and the sanctions in Iraq. You’ve got anarchist people, immigrants’ rights people, save the indigenous people people, and mean people suck people.

Free Tibet and Mumia, and give African nations their medicines. Can there be a movement without a single message? Quebec is preparing for war, and so are the free-traders. But who are they fighting?
(Hosted by Alex Beam)


Naomi Klein, author of “No Logo”

Fred Azcarate of Jobs with Justice

Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International

Juliette Beck of Global Exchange;

Jia Ching Chen, Director of Just Act and organizer for the Ruckus Society.