Whose Wilderness Is It?

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60 million acres of National Forest. That’s what Bill Clinton set aside in his last weeks as president.

By executive order protecting an area of potential wilderness greater than all the national parks combined. But last month, when Clinton’s so-called road-less policy was supposed to take effect, George Bush put the plan on hold. The problem? What some call the most important environmental proposal in a generation is, in other eyes, a procedural sham, bureaucratic bigfooting from D.C., and now several states are in court protesting the rule.

As timber companies demand reversal. Bush’s decision on whether to take the rule and the fight to Capitol Hill is slated for next week. Until then, America’s roadless forests grow in limbo.
(Hosted by Alex Beam)


Allan Lance, Attorney General of Idaho

Marty Hayden of Earth Justice

Congressman George Miller (D-CA)

Chris Wood, Former Senior Policy Aide at the Forest Service.