The Newspaper Business

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Journalists, like businessmen, thrive on competition.

But in the newspaper business today, the successes of scribes and suits are often at odds with each other. Newsroom talk is turning from scoops and deadlines, to job cuts and profit margins. Two months ago, Jay Harris, publisher of the San Jose Mercury News, resigned, setting off a national conversation among newsies about cutbacks and content, news versus profit. Harris’s decision was a slap to corporate management at Knight-Ridder, as he refused to slash content and staff.

While the words echoing in the boardroom are economic downturn and belt-tightening, many journalists say this is another sign that the almighty shareholders are trumping the Fourth Estate, and stomping on the public trust, our trust, on a gleeful romp down Wall Street.
(Hosted by David Ropeik)


Jay Harris, former publisher of the San Jose Mercury News

John Morton, newspaper industry analyst

Suki Dardarian, assistant managing editor for metro at the Seattle Times

Gary Pruitt, CEO of the McClatchy Company;