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What is it about women and shoes?

We love them, buy them, wear them, and always, always want more. This isn’t so surprising. From an early age we learn that shoes have magical power. They promise romance, excitement and the possibility of transformation. Ruby red flats got Dorothy home to Kansas, a single glass slipper helped Cinderella nab her prince, and just look at what Manolo Blahniks do for those girls on Sex in the City. Shoes have personality, the sexy stilleto, the powerful pump, the sensible loafer. We put them on and become newer, better, different versions of ourselves. We buy more, and we open the doors of possibility even wider.

We’re talking about shoes and the women who love them. We’re looking in closets, fessing up to our fetish, talking fashion with designers, and bunions with podiatrists.
(Hosted by Nina Totenberg)


Linda O’Keefe, author of “Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers and More”

Andre Leon Talley, Editor at Large, Vogue;

Stuart Weitzman, shoe designer.