Analyzing Psychiatry

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One in Ten Americans suffers from some form of mental illness.

Brother, wife, mother, son, or neighbor, someone you know, someone you love, maybe you yourself. Our response as a society has been increasingly fragmented. Thirty years ago, the mentally ill, the visibly mentally ill, were locked up and over-medicated. Then, when warehousing was deemed unacceptable and the hospitals shut, thousands of untreated mentally ill wound up on the streets. To suffer a mental illness today is to play a game of chance between doctors, health care programs, and statistics that favor either the wealthy or those lucky enough to have a caregiver who stays involved.

The Connection looks into what happens when a system is in crisis, and what the mentally ill themselves are doing bout that crisis.
(Hosted by Jacki Lyden)


Dr. Allan Hobson, professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Paul Appelbaum President-elect of the American Psychiatric Association and Professor of psychiatry at University of Massachusetts Medical School

Mo Armstrong A person with schizophrenia who is now working for Vinfen Coorporation, a mental health agency. He is on the National Board of National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Dr. Laurie Young Senior Vice President of the National Mental Health Association