The Mosquito

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Call it a steamy summer ritual: She slips over the back fence at dusk.

She sees you, catches your scent, touches you lightly and probes your skin, finding exactly the right spot. She presses her lip down, in a moment of excruciating anticipation. Before the victim is aware, two serrated cutting blades slice the skin, snicking their way into the flesh. The search is on for blood, the blades cut left and right until finally they puncture a vessel, and then our lady is completely still. She draws deeply, satiating her sanguinary lust.

As much as all this sounds like outtakes from another Sharon Stone film, this incident happens all the time. It’s happened to you, and it’ll happen again. We’re talking about mosquitoes, spreaders of disease, tormentors of armies, humanity’s perennial pest and deadly foe.
(Hosted by Dick Gordon)


Dr. Andrew Spielman author of “Mosquito” and Dr. Paul Ritter of the Center for Disease Control.