Deconstructing David Brock

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Liar liar – Brock’s on Fire. The former brat prince of the right wing tells us, once again, that he lied, once again. And 10 years later, the whole sad cadaver of the Clarence Thomas – Anita Hill story is resurrected.

David Brock, in his earnest mea culpa, now says that while he piled all that dirt on Anita Hill, he didn’t even try to dig for the real story. He did it, he says, in the name of conservatism. He did it, he admits, in the name of his career.

So the media gets to talk dirty about pornography and coke cans yet again, and David Brock is back where he wants to be – in the headlines. But are Americans any closer to knowing the truth?
(Hosted by Dick Gordon)


Mike Isikoff, investigative journalist for Newsweek magazine

Craig Crawford, executive publisher, The Hotline

Jamin Raskin, professor of constitutional law at American University

Kaye Savage, director of national programs at the 21st Century School Fund

and Emmett Tyrrell, editor in chief, The American Standard.