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The Boy Scouts still hold it in high esteem, second in their code of honor right after trustworthiness, but what about the rest of us?

A quick reading of the newspaper suggests that loyalty is so over. Maybe we still like the idea of it but secretly, the what’s-in-it-for-me generation seems to have decided that loyalty was fine for their parents, but it’s not for them. And maybe they’re right. In an age of corporate layoffs, when Boeing can say “See ya Seattle” after 95 years, when athletes and even franchises live in a perpetual sprint from city to city to show-me-the-money greener pastures, when divorce is the norm and 40-year marriages the exception, is there still room for something as antiquated and awkward, as difficult and demanding as loyalty.
(Hosted by John Donvan)


George Fletcher, Beekman Professor of Law, Columbia University and author of “Loyalty: An Essay on the Morality of Relationships”

Dan Pink, author of “Free Agent Nation: How America’s New Independent Workers are Transforming the Way We Live”

and Iris Krasnow, author of “Surrendering to Marriage.”