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They’re sweeping up and mopping bloodstains in Genoa today, but the battle over wealth and power in the 21st century is just beginning. Beyond the G8 and teargas, beyond anti-globalism and American triumphalism, there’s a radical vision of the world that is suddenly being hailed as the next “big idea.”

It’s called Empire. Its authors say Empire is bigger than you and me, bigger than any nation, any power, and bigger, perhaps, than God. They say it’s already shaping the way we work, the way we love and move, and the way we dream. Think imperial Rome, only larger and wired.

Empire is a hyped-up techno world where the multitudes are restless, where there’s no Caesar in sight, nor in charge, and where revolution is in the air. You wanted a New World Order? Well, here it comes. Call it Empire.
(Hosted by Tom Askbrook)


Michael Hardt, co-author with Antonio Negri, of “Empire.”