Oceans: The Final Frontier

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We have surveyed every square inch of the moon and Mars, and we even know about the moons of Jupiter. Yet here on earth, seventy-one percent of the surface is covered by the sea, and scientists have mapped only five percent of it.

Recently scientists have made discoveries that are transforming our understanding of what lies beneath: a frozen lake of methane gas under the Gulf of Mexico, and chemical vents seven miles down where life on earth may have begun.

Meanwhile, humans are busy farming, building, fishing and polluting, and scientists claim the oceans look seriously green around the gills.


Dr. Robert Gagosian, Director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution;
Dr. J Frederick Grassle, researcher at the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University;
David Helvarg, the author of “Blue Frontier: Saving America’s Living Seas”