Faith and Healing

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Cigarette smoking is up. So is alcohol consumption, anti-depressant use, and church attendance. Since September 11, Americans have been in coping mode.

At the epicenter of the tragedy, in a city known for its bravado, a staggering rush of stunned, humbled New Yorkers gathered at All Souls Church on the Upper East Side, just one day after the towers fell. Outside, an overflow crowd that couldn’t hear the sermon found solace in shared grief. Inside, Minister Forrest Church reminded his aching congregation that in crisis, there’s danger, and opportunity. “In the wake of this tragedy,” Church said, “it is the decisions we make that will shape our character and, to a degree, drive the plot our lives will follow.” Faith and the future.


Forrest Church, Senior Minister of the All Souls Church in New York City and editor of the forthcoming “Restoring Faith: America’s Religious Leaders Answer Terror with Hope.”