The Velvet Underground

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It was a happening. In New York City, the mid-1960’s, and Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable had a new band. The Velvet Underground got a bewildered review from a New York paper: “a savage series of atonal thrusts and electronic feedback; a sound that seems to be the product of a secret marriage between Bob Dylan and the Marquis de Sade.” Okay, so not everyone quite “got” the Velvets, but few bands from the 60’s have had such far reaching influence. Thirty years after their breakup, there’s a new project to collect and reproduce the best bootlegs of the band, from small, half-filled clubs of the late 60’s, for the countless devotees today who’ve found the Velvets, and fallen in love. The ultimate road trip with the Velvet Underground.


Velvet Underground members Moe Tucker and Doug Yule

Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke

Vanity Fair contributing editor Lisa Robinson.