A Higher Stakes Olympics

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President Bush’s State of the Union call to “extend American compassion throughout the world” may have to take a back seat in Salt lake City. As cries of “We’re number one!” and “USA” get a nation pumped to open up a can of whoopass, the Olympic games are either the world’s greatest show of unity or a stage for nationalism. During the decades of cold war, every athletic confrontation became battle of world views. As America enters the stadium once again, athletes are again dressed in the red white and blue. And with a the War on Terrorism underway, there’s more on the line than medals and bragging rights. Whether they want to or not, the Bobsledders and skaters, Biathaletes and curlers represent the pride and power of the United States.


John Hoberman, Olympics historian

Darrin Steele, US Bobsled team member for the Salt Lake City Olympics

Aelin Peterson, US Cross Country Ski team member for the Salt Lake City Olympics;Nathaniel Mills, athlete representative for US Speedskating to the USOC

and John Harrington, member of the 1980 Gold Medal winning US Hockey Team, currently head hockey coach at St. John’s University.