A New Resolution for Middle East Peace

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At a time when Middle East carnage is reminiscent of the death tolls in the War of 1967, it is hard to imagine there is anything, any bit of news that’s encouraging. But there is. It happened early yesterday morning at the United Nations Security Council, when the US, for the first time in 25 years, sponsored a Middle East resolution that, for the first time in history, endorses a Palestinian state. Remarkably, the resolution was unanimously passed. More to the point, both Israelis and Palestinians approved it.

The resolution calls for both sides to stop fighting, to end the terror and provocation, the incitement and destruction. And it came on the same day when UN Secretary General Kofi Annan unloaded his anger on both sides. The resolution, and reading between the lines.


Hasan Abdel Rahman, Chief Representative of the P.L.O. in the United States

Ambassador Yehuda Lancry, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations