Opposing Saddam Hussein

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They should have gotten him 11 years ago. Everyone agrees that Saddam Hussein could have been ousted from power at the end of the Gulf War. The fact that he wasn’t then has led to years of sanctions, years of squabbling over weapons inspection, and today’s debate over the notion of “regime change” in Iraq.

While American leaders ponder their options and court their allies, Arab states point to Palestine, saying “first things first.” And a group of Iraqi expatriates, former generals and the like, makes its case for the movement that could overthrow and succeed Saddam Hussein. Neighbors and long-time enemies are wondering about Washington’s next move. Iraq, allies and the options, another storm in the desert.


Sharif Ali Bin Al Hussein, member, Iraqi National Congress Leadership Council

Judith Yaphe, senior research professor, National Defense University

Henri Barkey, professor of international relations, Lehigh University.