American Jews and the Middle East

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There’s an old Jewish saying about what happens when you get three rabbis in a room. You get four opinions, at least.
There is no unanimity of opinion among American Jews, and never has been. It’s a diverse community ranging from the ultra orthodox who never leave their neighborhoods in Brooklyn to progressives, who call themselves culturally Jewish and never enter a synagogue. Yet the almost 6 million American Jews have one thing in common. They have an opinion about Israel. For some, that opinion is simple: unwavering support.
For others, it’s more complicated. They believe in the state of Israel, but question the policies of its leaders. And right now, more so than in many years, American Jews are debating how to view the cascading violence in the Middle East.


Michael Lerner, co-founder of Tikkun Community, editor of Tikkun Magazine, and Rabbi at Beyt Tikkun synagogue in Berkeley, CA

and Stepehn Hoffman, President and CEO of United Jewish Communities.