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Rock is dead. Drop the Stratocaster, Scratch is here. Up from the underground world of hip-hop-live-DJ competition, what was once background sound for rappers now has suburban kids pressing their own performance vinyl, and stars like DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike, and Z-Trip headlining packed shows.

You may not be saving tickets stubs from the Invizibl Scratch Picklz or the Dilated Peoples, but across the country, Gen-Y and others are linin’ up to hear them perform, watching and wanting to copy the way hands and fingers fly over dual turntables. Work the mixer, dig through stacks of albums. Scratch is the new D.I.Y., and like blues, punk and rap predecessors, scratch is the sound of the garage, of dance and of rebellion. Drop the needle, Wikki wick.


Doug Pray, director of the movie “Scratch”

Christie Pabon, events coordinator consultant, publicist

D.J. Excess and Toadstyle, turntable artists.