Israel Goes it Alone

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One step forward, two steps back. Israel’s Prime Minister moves some troops out and others into Palestinian territories as President Bush implores him to withdraw immediately. Colin Powell continues to circle the war zone, the Secretary of State’s plane is currently on the ground in Egypt, and Arab leaders are urging him to go to Israel sooner rather than later to help broker a ceasefire.
At the same time, many Palestinians remain under a form of house arrest. Tanks are in the streets, Apache helicopters are in the air, and running gun battles keep the doors closed. Israelis, many uncomfortable with the attacks, still note that there haven’t been any suicide bombings since the latest phase of the Army offensive began. Israel, Palestine, and the United States.


Ariel Merari, Director of the Political Violence Research Unit at Tel Aviv University

Hamdi Farraj, head of the Palestinian TV station Al-rouah in Bethlehem.