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No one knows where Fado actually came from. Although it’s claimed now as quintessentially Portugese, a kind of Lisbon blues, the music’s mournful yearning for home and lost love may have its roots in Africa, swept in on trading ships that used to fill the port cities of a 17th century world power. It is therefore utterly appropriate that the women who’s touted as the next diva of Fado, comes herself from Africa, born there in the last days Mozambique was a still a Portugese colony.

Her name is Mariza, and Fado aficianados say she has the voice and the passion to be the next Amalia Rodriguez. In America that’d like being the next Sinatra, the next Louis Armstrong. A trip to the rain-slick seaside cobbled streets of Lisbon, and the music of Fado, with Mariza.


Mariza, Fado singer