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America and Patriotism are big themes on the Chicago based rock group Wilco’s sixth album “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.” But this is not Hallmark’s America or Fox TV’s patriotism.

Wilco delivers eleven songs about American loss and redemption that critics have said “echo and update generation-old albums of the Band, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.”

Wilco’s songs range from love to apocalypse to self-invention. Written long before last September, the songs on this CD have an almost clairvoyant tone. It’s lyrics talk about tall buildings shaking, and its songs have titles like War on War and Ashes of American Flags


Jeff Tweedy, lead vocalist and guitar

John Stirratt, bass and back up vocals

Leroy Bach, various instruments

Glenn Kotche, drums

Sam Jones, Director of the documentary on Wilco titled “I’m Trying to Break your heart”