Sour Grapes & GMOs

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“May contain traces of genetically-modified foods of more than 0.5 percent.” Sexy, it ain’t. Explosive, it is. Translated: “Don’t eat this stuff. It’s Franken-food. Nasty U.S. products on pristine European shelves.”

The European Parliament’s plan to change the rules on GM foods has American farmers up in arms. It’s an early volley in a new trade war, they say, and the Euros are using a secret weapon: consumer paranoia. “But hey,” say some American shoppers, “we want the whole truth, too.”

Genetically modified foods have slipped in down on the farm. Now they’re all over the market. Bad for the pests, great for the farmers, the jury has yet to weigh in on taste and health. Trans-Atlantic trade indigestion, and a touch of GMO heartburn at home.


David Byrne, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection of the European

Kristin Dawkins, Vice President of International Programs, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Sarah Fogarty, Director of International Trade, Grocery Manufacturers of America

Nao Matsukata, director of policy planning at the office of the United
States Trade Representative