World Wide Woe

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For months, Americans have watched the boom of the 1990s erode into the bear market of 2002. They have seen record-breaking bankruptcies, mind-bending accounting scandals, and free falling stock indexes hitting 1998 lows. It’s not just Americans who are watching and worrying. Europe’s economy is stagnant. Japan has been unable to reverse its downturn. And now investors the world over are fearful that if the world’s most powerful engine for growth stutters and stalls, their economies may never recover. While the U.S. economy slides, the rest of the world reacts and recalibrates. Domestic recovery, global growth: Forecasting America’s future. The view from London, Wall Street, and you.


Bill Emmott, editor-in-chief, The Economist

William Dudley, chief economist, Goldman Sachs

Charlotte Denny, economics correspondent, The Guardian