Israeli Air Strike

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Another deadly turn in the cycle of violence: an Israeli strike on the Gaza home of the military leader of Hamas. Salah Shehada was killed along with more than a dozen other Palestinians, including several children.

Israel’s Prime Minister said Shehada was behind hundreds of prior attacks and declared last night’s mission a success. And while an Israeli spokesman expressed grief over the killing of civilians, Palestinians expressed rage and Hamas vowed revenge.

Examining the prospects for further negotiating, security, and reform, following this latest attack.


James Bennet, NY Times correspondent in Jerusalem

Daoud Kuttab, director of the Institute for Modern Media at Al Quds
University in Ramallah

Fawaz Gerges, Christian A. Johnson Chair in International Affairs and
Middle Eastern Studies at Sarah Lawrence College in New York

Gal Luft, former lieutenant colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces