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If you’re over forty and a man, it could be coming to your body soon. Andropause, or male menopause. Symptoms include fatigue, moodiness, and decreased sex-drive.

But wait, from the industry that can lift you up, calm you down, re-grow your hair, even give Bob Dole back his sex life, comes the latest effort to medicalize the living.

Death and taxes may be certain, but not middle age, if you believe the hype from the makers of testosterone replacement therapies. Take “T” and regain the form and function of a twenty year-old.

But some worry this is the latest push from the pharmaceutical industry; invent a disease to market a cure. And they warn we may be tinkering dangerously with our bodies’ basic chemistry before we have the basic facts. Male menopause, myth?


Dr. Jerome Groopman, Professor of Medicine at Harvard University and author of this week’s New Yorker article, “Hormones for Men”

Dr. John Morley Professor of Geriatrics at St. Louis
University, Endocrinologist, and member of the Endocrine