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The road to success in the world of pop music is paved with artistic compromise and pandering to trends… but not always. Take Cousteau, the UK band whose name pays tribute to the great undersea explorer, and whose lush sound and brooding lyrics about love, loss and longing sound as dark and bottomless as a deep-sea dive.

Five journeymen musicians who bounced around Britain for years and made barely a ripple are now riding more than a modest wave of success across Europe and the U.S. They mix jazz with rock, Sinatra with Leonard Cohen, in a lounge act that’s filled stadiums.

In truth, Cousteau defies classification, so maybe their own definition is best: “sleazy listening.”

Cousteau will begin their fall tour in the end of October, see their website (below) for details



Davey Ray Moor, lyricist

Liam McKahey, lead vocals

Craig Vear,drums

Robin Brown, electric guitar

Joe Peet, bass & violin

Dan Moor, keyboard