Change Is In The Air

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Attention all passengers: Fly the friendly skies PLEASE. America’s airlines can’t decide whether to cut jobs, cut flights, or just keep cutting fares as they desperately bid to maintain a trickle of revenue in one of their worst summers ever.

Four airlines have landed in bankruptcy, others circle the tower, and yet, those who do want to fly are finding ever-cheaper fares. Call it the triumph of thrift. Farewell, First Class. Discount airlines and bargain fares are reshaping the industry.

But while it might seem attractive today, some worry the story tomorrow will be longer waits, and “You can’t get there from here.” So, seatbacks in the full upright position, pay attention: it’s a consumer’s look at the future of air travel.


Michael Boyd, president of the Boyd Group/Aviation Systems Research Corporation

David Stempler, president, Air Travelers Association

Satish Jindel, president of SJ Consulting Group