Censorship in Pictures

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Exposure, aperture, light, composition, quick quick quick. Get the shot. Get it in. The work of a photojournalist, life seen through a lens, is complicated enough. Yet before an image appears in the paper, it has to be chosen, cropped and color-adjusted, analyzed by editors, and doctored by artists.

And all those judgments and all those manipulations that stand between us and the photographer, us and the subject, raise the question: do we see, are we seeing, what we were meant to see? Colin Jacobsen has pulled together a collection of photos and essays he calls “Underexposed: Pictures Can Lie and Liars Use Pictures.”

They are the banned, altered, and unseen images of the 20th century, a different look through a darkened lens.


Colin Jacobson – former photo editor for a number of new magazines – including the Economist and the Independent, and Editor of the new book, Underexposed

Michele Stephenson, Director of Photography at Time magazine

and Paul Watson, Pulitzer Prize – winning journalist – currently the South Asian Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times.