Hydration, Hype and Public Health

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The more cities and towns work to clean up their water, the less Americans are drinking it. It’s something about taste, something about convenience, but there’s something else too. There’s a moment of hesitation at that innocuous initial cloudiness, or that slight chlorine odor, and it leads to the bigger question. “Is there something in the water?”

Statistics show that 90 percent of communities have had no recent health problems from the water, yet more than 80 percent of the people do worry about what comes out of the tap. American attitudes towards drinking water are changing, the marketplace is changing, sales of bottled water and filters are surging, and it all points to different ideas of consumption and community. Concluding our series on water, turning off the tap.


Stephen R. Kay, Vice President of Communications,
International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)

Lynn Thorp, Clean Water Action/ Campaign for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water

Jack Hoffbuhr, executive director, American Water Works Association