Peter Jennings

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Crisis is good for television. John F. Kennedy’s assasination. The Challenger Explosion. September 11th. People gather round, in bars, hotel lobbies, living rooms, absorbing the images, looking for guidance from familiar faces.

For almost four decades, Peter Jennings has been a steady presence amidst crisis. He sits now at ABC’s helm as senior editor and anchor of World News Tonight. Jennings is often noted for his dedication to foreign coverage in a medium that embraces celebrity and sensationalist spin.

Today, with the White House’s “war on terror” underway and an attack on Iraq pending, we’re talking with Peter Jennings about the pressures and the promises of network news in a time of crisis.

Peter Jennings will be reading from his book today, September 23, at Borders Books in Boston, 1024 School Street at 12:30 pm


Peter Jennings, Anchor for ABC World News Tonight, and co-author of “In Search of America”.