Medical Marijuana

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The haze of battle hangs over the “war on drugs” increasingly obscuring the clean legal lines over what’s right and what’s wrong. The latest skirmishes over medical marijuana pit law against law, and raise heated accusations of hidden agendas.

A note from your doctor means it’s OK to smoke pot in California, the grass roots have spoken. Eight other states are onside. But the feds still say no, pointing to the primacy of federal statutes. People arguing for a loosening of the law range from doctors and cancer patients and city politicians to stoners and, perhaps even dealers.

On the other side, more doctors, parents, and even preachers. Where there’s smoke and fire, the front lines of medical pot.


Bruce Mirkin, the Marijuana Policy Project

Sue Rusche, co-founder and executive director of Families in Action

Steve McWilliams, runs the club “Shelter from the Storm”

Christopher Krohn, mayor, Santa Cruz, CA