U.N. Weapons Inspectors and Iraq

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Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Saddam Hussein says no. Iraq, he says, “is clear of all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.”

His acquiescence to new inspections was enough to break George Bush’s momentum towards an attack, at least for a time. And Saddam Hussein continues to vow Iraq will allow inspectors to do their job. He qualifies that now, saying, they can go anywhere they want except his palaces.

Bush and Blair aren’t buying and at this moment, their diplomatic teams are scrambling to get France, Russia, and China to accept a resolution that would hold Baghdad’s feet to the fire. At issue: “unfettered access,” a 60-day deadline, and a specific threat of military action.


Scott Ritter, former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, now antiwar activist

Terence Taylor, former U.N. weapons inspector, now director, International Institute for Strategic Studies-US.