The U.N. Security Council and Iraq

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The debate is on, at least in the back roomsand hallways, among members of the U.N. Security Council. At issue is a draft resolution laying down a tight timetable for inspection and disarmament of Iraq.

The draft, put forth by Britain’s Tony Blair and President Bush, reportedly contains forciful language pushing for “unfettered access” and reserving the right to use “all necessary means” (read: military force) if there’s resistance. President Bush says that all previous U.N. resolutions “are being unilaterally subverted by the Iraqi regime,” and he wants something stronger. However, what he asks for from the U.N. and what he gets, may be quite different.


Nancy Soderberg, Vice President of the International Crisis Group, andFormer US Ambassador to the UN Security Council

Elizabeth Neuffer, reporter for the Boston Globe covering the United Nations, author of The Key to My Neighbor’s House