The Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Jimmy Carter

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It’s a long long way from a peanut farm in Plains Georgia, to the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. But James Earl Carter Jr. was today honored by the Nobel Committee for standing by the “principles that conflicts must, as far as possible, be resolved through mediation, and international co-operation.” Ouch. That’s got to be echoing in the Oval Office today.

Jimmy Carter is 10 days past his 78th birthday, and 22 years away from his years in a White House marked by those memorable moments at Camp David, the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Olympic boycott, and his pardoning of Vietnam draft resisters.

Civil rights, human rights, at home and abroad, a living legacy for Jimmy Carter, and a life now honored with a Nobel Peace Prize.


Hamilton Jordan, White House Chief of Staff under President Carter

Jody Powell, President Carter’s press secretary

Hodding Carter III, president of the James L. Knight Foundation, State Department spokesman in Carter Administration

Pat Derian, former assistant secretary of human rights and deputy campaign manager under President Carter

Douglas Brinkley, author of “Unfinished Presidency: Jimmy Carter’s Journey Beyond the White House”