The New Face of World Terror

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It’s a web, the experts insist, a web of terror that daily shows us new connections: this morning, to a shopping center in the Philippines where bombs kill and injure dozens, to Bali, where last Saturday nearly 200 people were killed, to shots in Kuwait, and arrests in Malaysia, all of it leading back, perhaps, to a camp in the Afghan desert, or not.

In Bali and the Philippines, no one’s claiming responsibility. Muslim radicals are suspected, and always someone pointing to the dot at the center, the one marked Al Qaeda. The masterminds with a master plan, or simply a name for distantly connected cells, angry individuals with similar ideologies. With the shockwaves of each new bomb, a shifting global effort to stop the killing.


Thomas M. Sanderson, the Deputy Director of the Transnational Threats Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Romesh Ratnesar, staff writer at Time magazine

Sidney Jones, director of the International Crisis Group in Jakarta, Indonesia