Grave Matters

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There’s hardly a better place to get in touch with life than in the quiet, stone lined paths of a cemetery. A place where you can observe the arc of life as a measure of time between two dates, where you can visit those who were close to you and are now gone.

Author Mark Taylor says it’s also a chance to touch people we never met in life, writers and thinkers who shaped our worldview. He writes that graveyards are so much more than bone-yards, that they beg for pilgrimage, a chance to get close to Wordsworth and Melville, to contemplate Dickinson, Kierkegaard, Camus, and Thoreau.

This Halloween, we are looking death in its face, and seeing a challenge for modern culture to think about these grave matters.


Mark C. Taylor, professor of Humanitites at Williams College, and author of “Grave Matters”

Dietrich Christian Lammerts, former student of Mark Taylor and professional photographer.