What Regime Change in Iraq Might Mean for Syria

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There is nothing simple, nothing straightforward about Syria. It’s the only country branded a state-sponsor of terrorism that manages to maintain diplomatic ties with the United States; a country, whose former leader,
was known both for successfully crushing Islamic fundamentalists who threatened his regime, and for supporting the Islamic terrorists in their attacks on Israel.

And as the high stakes game of weapons, weapons, who has the weapons unfolds, Syria’s role remains a puzzle. So far the Syrians seem to be siding with the U.S., sharing intelligence, detaining Al-Qaeda suspects, and voting in favor of the UN Security Council resolution. But some say that if the U.S. wants to get serious about fighting terror, it needs to put Damascus right after Baghdad on the hit list.


Fouad Ajami, professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University

Michael Young, a columnist with Daily Star newspaper in Beirut

and Dr. Murhaef Jouejati, Adjunct Professor at George Washington University and Fellow at the Middle East Institute.