Al and Tipper Gore

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The last time Al Gore commanded the political spotlight was December 13, 2000. That was the day after the Supreme Court issued its decision on Bush v. Gore. The day Al Gore delivered his now famous concession speech: “I’ve seen America in this campaign and I like what I see. It’s worth fighting for and that’s a fight I’ll never stop.”
And then, Al Gore disappeared. He is now back, touring the country with his wife, Tipper. They’re answering questions about their two new books, “Joined at The Heart” and “The Spirit of Family.” And also, their ideas. On the economy, the environment, the Democratic Party, the war on terror, and the war with Iraq.

And now the man who won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College, is deciding whether or how he plans to fight for the country, a country that he says is so worth fighting for.


Former Vice Presidential couple – Al and Tipper Gore.