Charlie Haden on Bass

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Charlie Haden made his stage debut with his family singing group before his second birthday. His mother knew he was ready when she heard baby Charlie humming harmonies to her lullabies.

It was that same intuitive sense of harmony and melody that put Charlie Haden, years later, at the forefront of jazz.

Curled around his big double bass, Haden became the anchor, the beat and the tune, and one of the most exciting and challenging moments in jazz music history.

After leaving his fingerprints all over free-jazz, with Ornette Coleman, he moved on to front the Liberation Music Orchestra, his political base. And then there’s his jazz noire Quartet West, straight out of a Raymond Chandler novel.

At 65, he’s still sharing his dreams of musical beauty.


Charlie Haden, Grammy-winning bassist, composer and bandleader

Alan Broadbent, piano player in Quartet West.