Rebuilding Afghanistan

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The U.S. won the war in Afghanistan, but not the peace, not yet. A year after Hamid Karzai was sworn in as the country’s President, the region remains unstable and allied forces remain under fire.

The Bush Administration has resisted assigning American troops to “nation-building” rather than combat missions. But recently the Defense Department announced a major change in how it operates in a country where warlords and the fledgling Karzai government still compete for control of the countryside.

The U.S. is building as many as ten new bases where the focus will be as much on rebuilding roads and schools, as on security. Critics say it’s about time; a year has already been squandered. Winning the peace, and rebuilding Afghanistan.


Dr. Lynn Amowitz, Senior Medical Researcher, Physicians for Human Rights

Larry Goodson, Professor, Middle East Studies, U. S. Army War College, author, “Afghanistan’s Endless War”

Ambassador Peter Tomsen, Special Envoy on Afghanistan, 1989-1992

Raoul Alcala, president, Alcala Enterprises, retired colonel, US Army.