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Christmas music has been in the air since oh, about three days after Halloween. So, this Christmas Eve, for this hour, we won’t hear any. Instead, we’re going to savor some music written especially for Advent, the season that precedes Christmas on the Christian church calendar.

It is a time of waiting and anticipation, of quiet reflection. It is a season pretty much ignored by the general culture in its headlong holiday rush. But Patricia Van Ness, the composer whose music we’ll hear this hour, says Advent holds a little something for everyone.

In northern latitudes, Advent coincides with the darkest days of the year. It is a time to be quiet…to stand still in the darkness and confusion of the world and of our lives, and wait. Listening and longing for light.


Patricia Van Ness, composer and poet, “Advent”

Choir of First Church in Cambridge Congregational, Cambridge, MA.