An Economic Look Ahead

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2003. An economic look ahead. What’s next after the Year of the Scandal. A year filled with fraud, overreaching CEOs, and underachieving government regulators. 2002 was the year the bull became a bear, and when the fog of recession that had slip in under the door in 2002, made itself comfortable, and despite the monetary entreaties of the Fed, refused to leave.

Consumers, under a heavy debt burden, are becoming even cagier with their wallets; and thanks to rising unemployment, the confidence of those consumers and investors, is still on the slide. So just as a new year begins, with a fresh economic team at the White House, America now has to factor in a possible war with Iraq.


Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Tom Easton, New York Bureau Chief for The Economist Magazine.