The Candidates

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With the New Hampshire presidential primary less than a year away, Democrats eyeing a White House victory in 2004 are declaring their intentions.

Six contenders have surfaced since December: Dr. Howard Dean of Vermont, Freshman John Edwards of North Carolina, “Always In” Dick Gephardt of Missouri, Craggy John Kerry of Massachusetts, Joe “Security First” Lieberman, and, “Yes, I’m in, Too” Al Sharpton, from New York.

It’s a race in which political greenhorns vie with Capitol Hill veterans for the chance to be leader of the free world. And it’s being run in the shadow of a looming war, at a time when the Democratic Party is at low ebb, and when Americans are preoccupied with national security and economic insecurity. Anticipating the message, and sizing up the hopefuls. Time magazine’s Joe Klein weighs in on Decision 2004.


Joe Klein, columnist, Time magazine and author, “The Natural”