Colin Powell's Converts

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Hawks in dove land. Add to the scattered ranks of the world’s anti-war movement yet another small but growing faction: the conflicted peacenik. Politically left-leaning, ideologically dovish, and recently experiencing a change of heart.

Maybe it was Colin Powell’s case against Saddam Hussein that convinced them, or Hans Blix’s reports of stymied — or just stalled — inspections efforts….or just the growing sense that Saddam Hussein is a very, very bad man. They still grapple with questions of motive and multilateralism, leadership and legality. But they have come around to the notion that war with Iraq is just…it’s just not their first choice. Or even second. Today, the Connection goes transatlantic in a special co-production with the BBC. Voices from America and UK weigh in on the left’s tug of war over Iraq.


Timothy Noah, columnist,

Paul MacInnes, reporter, The Guardian

Simon Mayo, special co-host, The Simon Mayo Show, BBC Five