The Soul of Winter

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When they say “old man winter” they’re not talking about a gentleman. Towering snowbanks, thousands without electricity, iced-in airports, coastal flooding and slush. It is the season of wet mitts, and wind chill. In ancient Greece. winter was the time when the lively wine god, Dionysos, was torn into bloody pieces. A stark reminder that everything comes to end. Yet Dionysos always came back in spring.

Winter, for many, is a season of sorrow, darkness, loss. There are others for whom winter is a time of spiritual growth, of self-improvement. Many find their best artistic inspiration below zero. They say that being challenged by the weather brings out the best in the human character. Examining the soul of winter.


Robert Finch, author of “Death Of a Hornet and Other Cape Cod Essays”

Susan Felch co-editor, “Winter: A Spiritual Biography of the Season.”

Aaron Chick, a fishing guide in Ely, Minnesota

Stephen Fybish, a weather hobbyist.