Tan Dun's Musical Map

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A map is commonly defined as a flat representation of selected features of the heavens or the earth. A map is also a guide, marking a route from one place to another.

Composer Tan Dun’s new musical map links one time to another. It melds the ancient music of his homeland, China’s Hunan province, with contemporary eastern and western sounds. Inspired in no small part by cellist and collaborator Yo-Yo Ma’s own musical journey, tracing the ancient silk trade routes, Tan Dun dedicates “The Map” to Yo-Yo Ma for his exploration of different times and cultures. “Sometimes the purpose of returning to your roots,” says Tan, “is to invent, to see how those roots have continued to grow.” Reaching back, moving forward, musically, with Tan Dun and Yo-Yo Ma.

Shostakovich, Cage, Britten and Tan Dun
Boston Symphony Orchestra February 21, 22, & 25 2003 8:00 PM. For tickets call SymphonyCharge at 888-266-1200.


Tan Dun, award winning composer

Yo-Yo Ma, award winning cello player