Voices from Iraq

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A war with Iraq is one step closer. The United States, Spain, and Britain have now tabled a second resolution, threatening Baghdad with “serious consequences” if it doesn’t abide U.N. orders to disarm. France, Germany, and Russia, not surprisingly, have proposed a counter resolution, urging for more time and more inspections. And across the world, sitting in the midst of all the diplomatic brouhaha and battle over political phrases, there is the country of Iraq.

In this ongoing debate, the nation is often overshadowed by its reigning leader, Saddam Hussein — and talk to most Iraqis in exile and they’ll say that there’s nothing sweeter than his removal. But how — and if — that happens is the real heart of this latest news story. We’ll be talking to two Iraqis about the possibility of war in the place that once was home.


Zainab Al-Suwaij, Executive Director of the American Islamic Congress

Yahia Said, Research Officer at the Center for the Study of Global Governance at the London School of Economics.