So Long, Neighbor

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Remembering Mr. Rogers. For the past 35 years, his televised neighborhood has offered children a safe place to relax, pretend, and feel special. “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” was a revolutionary concept, a collection of puppets and stories and songs, complete with a magic trolley that transported children between his living room and the Neighborhood of Make Believe. But it wasn’t only the innovative format, it was the man, and his manner, that defined the show.

Fred Rogers talked directly to the camera and straight into his viewers’ hearts. Always the same tone, with kids or adults. Always the same person. And children’s television has never been the same. A farewell walk around Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.


Paul Lally, former director, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and executive producer, “Ciao Italia” on Public Television

Christopher Cerf, founding partner, Sirius Thinking, Ltd., co-creator, “Between the Lions” on Public Television, and co-founding editor in chief, Children’s Television Workshop