Mr. Blair Goes to Washington

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One week in and the war is turning out to be different from the one that Tony Blair and George Bush expected. The fighting is fiercer, and those flowers and sweets from grateful Iraqi citizens are slow in coming. Today, the two are meeting at Camp David. Prime Minister Blair, enjoying a fresh swell of public support for the war, wants to “get America and Europe working again.”

To Blair, the key to this rapprochement is in persuading President Bush to have the UN play a central role in rebuilding Iraq and, at the same time, to press ahead with the roadmap for Middle East peace. But as important as is it is for Blair to apply his diplomatic duct tape, it is still unclear if President Bush, still smarting from his last run in with the United Nations, will give Blair what he’s asking for.


Ambassador Wendy Sherman, former Counselor of the Department of State serving under Madeleine Albright, Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs serving under Secretary of State Warren Christopher.