Marching Home

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It was another time, and another war. One Saturday morning every month, through the early 40’s, a military bus came to Freehold New Jersey to pick up the latest group of young men heading off to the Second World War,
900 in all, from this one small town.

Kevin Coyne has written a book which tells the stories of six of these men; stories that cover 4 continents, and many seas and oceans. The veterans tell stories of the wildest biggest battles, and the tiniest features of life away: a letter from home, taking a break to have a smoke.

Many things have changed since WWII, what hasn’t is that inevitable gap between those who watch the war from a distance and those who fight it. A conversation about what every war means to anyone who’s ever fought one.


Kevin Coyne, author of “Marching Home” and Professor at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

Stu Bunton, A World War Two Veteran.